Yeastar S100 is the best PBX to use for your business

In Yeastar S100 you will only need to purchase or lease phones which are significantly less expensive than phone system’s common equipment.

Below is a listing of those advantages divided among the categories:

  • Typically, Yeastar S100 PBX services only require the purchase of telephone instruments. They have a significantly lower upfront capital expenditure without the need of purchasing cabinets, cards, additional cabling and installation labor.
  • Maintenance/repair costs are minimal or none at all.
  • Employees can easily work from home with Yeastar s100 IP PBX Working from home reduces operational costs including rent on office space, equipment, furniture and utilities.
  • Call capacity is more flexible with a Hosted VoIP provider. With a telephone system, call capacity is limited to the number of subscriber lines it has from the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC).
  • Faxes can be sent out while simultaneously receiving faxes from important customers.
  • Their equipment could be malfunctioning or it could be a problem with the telephone lines provided by the LEC.
  • It is far easier to connect users in multiple offices into a seamless voice system with a Hosted PBX service than with a telephone system, even a VoIP telephone system.
  • Premium Hosted VoIP providers deliver Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) in their service.
  • Telecommuters can be set-up as easily as taking a phone home and plugging it into a cable or DSL modem.
  • Telephone systems frequently require on-site visits from the vendor’s technicians for routine repair.
  • Many VoIP providers can program calls to re-route automatically if their equipment looses contact with your office. Regardless, auto attendants, voicemail boxes and call forwarding will still process calls from the provider’s Point of Presence (POP).
  • Inclement weather can keep employees from the office and answering phones. Yeastar S100 Dubai PBX feature automatically processes calls in any weather when someone is away from the office. Further, the Hosted VoIP provider can redirect call to any 10-digit number with a simple phone call.
  • Now companies can test new market areas and provide the feel of a local presence with minimal investment.
  • Key personnel can recruited from other cities and states with the availability of telecommuting.
  • Supporting a business within or under a parent company can get costly and complicated to manage.

Features of Yeaster s100:

Now using a Hosted PBX Phone System you can have all of the features of the best telephone and voicemail systems with no equipment to buy, maintain or outgrow. The hardest mainstream features to get in hosted system are real Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) instead of simple hunt groups. And flexible company directories, call transfers between extensions (or to an operator or an ACD queue), and real-time system monitoring. There are many other advance functions that only a few providers have been able to make available. Web-based administration tools are the norm for hosted PBX services. Adding new users, changing extensions, and changing hunt groups or call queues is as easy as a point and click.

If you answer you will have the opportunity to accept/reject the call. In addition, hardware PBX buyers are on usually a tight budget and buy small systems that can’t grow. But there is no capital outlay for hosted PBX services, and extensions can changed as needs change. Hosted PBX customers pay only for what they need.

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