Tips which help to add screen widgets on your Android Phone

Android Phone and devices are becoming extremely popular among modern days users more than the usual PCs and laptops. The reasons are simple, the android phones are convenient and simple to use and are very much handy to carry out anywhere by the users. Now, the users’ life has become simple with a simple touch.

They can easily access the web, play games, check news and updates worldwide, read e-books by simply tapping the phone screen. This is possible via the home screen of Android phones ProjectfreeTV, where everything seems to be on your fingertips. You can create several short cuts or simply scroll inside the screens. The home screen is just like your PC or laptop’s screen where you could see several icons. Here you can easily access different programs or applications. Below are some important tips to add screen widgets over your Android-based phones.


Widgets keep you in touch with the world

A widget is a program, which is found over your home screen. It is a short cut that you press to check your contacts, go to the browser or camera. The Android home screen comprises of several widgets, which gives you live information. It also gives a few of the functionality of any application without actually opening up the complete application. For instance, the battery widget simply displays you the amount of battery used and thus renders you one-touch access as and when you require it. You can shift icons around and should get rid of some unnecessary apps, which you do not need anymore.


Vital tips to remember while adding screen widgets

Before adding up the screen widgets, better check there is a good amount of space over your home screen or not for getting a new widget there. Select a space for your widget, which you are keen to add. You have two options for adding these widgets. In the first method, you need to tap the space and then hold your finger at the point until you see the menu appearing. Or you can use the second method, wherein you simply have to press the ‘Menu’ button followed by pressing the ‘Add’ button, which must now be seen over the screen. Both of the ways results in a window coming in the form of a pop-up, which says ‘Add to Home Screen’. Now, you simply have to tap the menu item which is labeled as ‘Widgets’.


The further step

Once you install or add different widgets. You can navigate in the list and choose the application which you want to have over your home screen. In case if you see a big list, you need to simply scroll over the list up or down to see the entire list. Now, you simply have to click over the selected widget, which you need to add over your home screen.


Now, you need to press the ‘Home’ key to see the newly added widget over the wallpaper or home screen. If you want to relocate your widget, you simply have to tap it and then hold your finger down. Doing this you could easily drag it over your new desired location over your home screen of Android Phone goatdee. Now, enjoy using these widgets till you want and the moment you feel getting rid of these. You can easily remove it and free the space.


Final word

The widgets simply render you an instant look over any installed application over your android phone along with giving you access to information. Shortcuts to launch different programs and go into settings for any changes. Thus you get a glimpse of all the apps running behind the scene.

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