The Best Airplay Speakers for Your iPhone

If you love your iPhone, you’ve got to love Airplay Speakers. This is the technology that will play your music from one device on as many speakers as you’d like if they are all on the same Wi-Fi network. This wireless technology does away with the painful process of going through the plugging in and unplugging of all your Apple devices from speakers. Yes, Airplay works with the 3ds emulator, pod, pad, and phone and on iTunes. It’s pretty cool because it not only plays songs but gives you details as well and lets you set individual volume controls.


The speakers the technology is compatible with are expensive but if you have more than one Apple device and are looking for something convenient, then you should check these out. The Airplay Speakers are beautifully designed and fit into the whole Apple design aesthetic. Here are some of the best AirPlay speakers for your iPhone.


1. JBL OnBeat Air

We’re starting with something that won’t cost you the earth and still give you decent performance. If you want to set up a mini home theatre, the JBL comes with a docking arm to do just that. The top volumes are a little iffy but if you don’t get too loud on the music, it should be fine.

The remote isn’t great to look at but it has a full menu on it and lets you maneuver through not just playback and volume but between albums, songs, and artists. The JBL OnBeat Air does not claim to give you massive power. Its 15 watts but it works well, especially in small spaces.


2. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

We started with a lower-end product but this one tips the scales at about $800. Oh yes, you do pay for the name but not just that you pay for amazing audio performance. The design is a state of the art if you can ignore the slightly empty remote control.

There is a 30 pin docking option on the metallic arm and the arm appears to float, suspended in the air. Furthering the look and feel of this futuristic-looking design. There’s an option to send a video from the Zeppelin Air to your television screen.


3. Audyssey Audio Dock Air

This one is a bit special, intended as it is for all you low-frequency fanatics. There are speakers on both sides so there’s more reach coming your way from this square speaker. You’ll appreciate this when you hear the bass booming all over the room.

You should be warned that some streaming interruptions happen on occasion but hopefully. An operating system update should handle this issue.


4. Libratone Live

The Libratone is on our list because it is drop-dead gorgeous so think about it. Cashmere wool cover-in five color choices- and that sleek design? You can’t go wrong.

The speaker has very powerful audio and works especially well in moderate volumes but you won’t find onboard controls or a remote. This brings us back to its beautiful looks and how lovely it will be to just flaunt this particular device.


5. iHome iW1

We’re ending our list with an affordable option- the 1W1. It works well with medium volumes and you can play and charge your iPhone through the cable included in the device Spotify Premium Free. Quick volume controls and solid audio output are its key features. And it looks good too.

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