The 5 Best Computer Speakers you should try in 2020

When we talk about the best computer speakers, we cannot fail to observe some brands and models that are the ones that have long set the tone in the PC sound market. The options are many and that is why we have selected the desktop speakers that have better value for money and of course. There are for all budgets and needs.


How to buy a computer speaker?

The PC speaker market is so wide, that you can find all kinds of brands and models. Here you have a selection with the best, so it is only a matter of expectations and of course, of budget. Since as you can see, as the price increases, the benefits and the sound quality is higher. A very important characteristics when buying speakers, is to know if they have the 7.1 audio systems for PC, since it greatly improves the sound quality. If you are looking for best bluetooth speaker under 100 dollars then, I recommend you go to, because you can see a lot of latest models on reasonable price there.

List of Best Computer Speakers 


  • Logitech Z213

A speaker model with 2.1 systems of 3 7W speakers and headphone output, with which you can connect headphones when you want to listen to something without disturbing others or when you are in closed environments. To reinforce the sound, it has a 4W subwoofer, at a frequency of 100 Hz, which gives the equipment a bass boost and gives the sound more depth.

As for the design is quite small, it weighs less than 1K and the dimensions are 23 x 13.5 x 15 cm, which does not take up any space, being ideal to put on a computer or also on a Smart TV or other device. The cables are very long with which there is no problem to place it anywhere; in addition the wood finish makes it quite resistant.

In short, they are cheap computer speakers, which provides good sound quality for the price they have. Perhaps a little treble is missing, since the speakers are smaller than the subwoofer and make the sound very serious, although they perform very well anyway.


  • Genius SP-HF500A

It is a set of speakers for desktop Genius brand, which in general have products that have a good value for money, especially in what are speakers, and are usually of good quality and with a decent sound. This particular model has a total power of 14 W, which is achieved thanks to 2 3-inch speakers, along with 2 tweets, which endows the team with defined treble.

This product has a wooden design, with a plastic lid where the controls go. This is interesting because the wood and the depth of the box make the sound have better bass and in general more definition, when bouncing offs an acoustic material such as wood.

It is a model that offers a good volume for the price, although perhaps a subwoofer is missing to provide the equipment with more serious, otherwise it has a good price for normal use.


  • Creative Gigaworks T20 II

Creative always stood out for its plates and accessories related to sound, in this case this computer speaker equipment is no exception, it has a good presentation and with a total power of 28W, they sound loud and undistorted. It is equipped with 2 speakers of 14 W and 2 dedicated tweeters, which give the equipment a good bass and treble emission without the need for a subwoofer.

The design is quite professional and striking, the boxes are individual and tall, so they can be placed anywhere without taking up too much space. The good thing about this model is that it has individual controls to control volume, bass and treble. Although it would need a means control to be completely complete, although it is thankful that you have them considering the price.

It is an ideal model if you like to listen to music or simply want to have a good sound on your computer without spending a lot of money, since they have a good volume and the definition (within quality) is not lost. They are cheap PC speakers for the great features it has.


  • Edifier E3360BT

It is a 2.1 device with a futuristic design, with quality computer speaker system and bluetooth compatibility. It is capable of delivering up to 64W, thanks to a 40W subwoofer and two 12W satellite speakers each. The speakers are 3 inches and each unit has a dedicated tweeter, which increases the definition of treble.

It is a very striking design, with touch controls and the possibility of controlling the equipment with a remote control, from where the volume and the audio source are managed, since it allows the reproduction of various media by having bluetooth.

It is a speaker of a recognized brand, which promises to give good sound quality and durability and although it does not have bass, treble and medium controls, this can be remedied by software.

Without a doubt, they are one of the best PC speakers that you can find in the market.


  • Wavemaster Moody Bt

For the most demanding, this Wavemaster 2.1 system is a solution to consider. The 65 W of its set of the best computer speakers. And subwoofer give the team a good volume without saturation at high levels and a good definition in sound, both bass and treble. The good thing about this model is that it has built-in bluetooth. Which supports the transmission of sound from 3 ways, including by cable and wirelessly.

As for the design it is classic in black and in a box with good resistance. On the other hand, the satellite cables are long. Almost 3 meters of cable so you can locate the equipment where you are interested. In addition, each device has an independent connection. So you can connect other satellite speakers to the subwoofer or even connect 4 instead of 2. You could also connect a preamp and the possibilities are many.

In short, this set of speakers provides superior quality to those shown above, with excellent sound quality and several interesting configuration options, such as the possibility of connecting a Smartphone or having knobs to equalize bass and treble. They are not the best speakers in the world for PC but they fulfill their function very dignifiedly.

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