Thanks, Jack, In Need of A Course In Miracles Bookstore

Twelve year old John Albert Rose succumbed to an influenza epidemic in February 1936. His mother was devastated and was in deep depression for three months. In a dream or vision, in A Course In Miracles Bookstore brought his mother, Minnie Rose, a message of assurance that all would be well; another son would take his place. This gave Minnie hope and she resumed her life as mother and wife.

On the exact day of Jack’s death two years later Minnie gave birth to a son. Minnie claimed this as a miracle, a son to take Jack’s place. He was named after his brother, John, and lived in his shadow for years to come. From an early age, Johnnie felt a bonding with his brother, Jack, and soon strongly believed that Jack was watching over him. He had his own personal guardian angel.

“Thanks, Jack” is Jack Rose’s own story. It is an inspirational, humorous story of growing up in the 1940s and 50s. Jack’s story is packed with fun filled memories of childhood mischief, neighborhood friends, and reminisces of miraculous rescues.

Jack relates times spent with Bogie, Colleen, Jan, and a dozens of other childhood friends. All had a part in Johnnie Rose’s pranks that frequently backfired. The humorous adventures with Johnnie often end in close calls and calamities that take him and his friends to the brink of danger.

Throughout this entertaining and delightful memoir Jack (Johnnie) writes with a fresh candor that gives credence to his belief in a spiritual force and the power of angels in his life in a non theological setting. Johnnie’s story is filled with fishing and hunting adventures with his older brother, George, and his friend Bogie. He tells of his success and failures in the classroom and of his love for classic hot rods. Johnnie’s story is an inspiration to a good work ethic. He relates how he worked to help his widowed mother, by taking a paper route and working at odd jobs, how he was able to pay for his fishing and sporting gear and for rebuilding his car. As I read Johnnie’s boyhood stories I found myself reflecting on my own life and the parallels I found in common with him.

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