Teflon stab Coatings on Cars

One of the trends in auto sales these days is having a Teflon stab coating put on your car before you take it home. But is it worth the money to get that coating? How do you know if the car really does have a Teflon coating? And what about washing it after that coating has been applied?

All of these questions are about to be answered:

Is it worth the money to have a Teflon Coating applied to my car?

In many parts of the world, being asked if you want a Teflon coating applied to your car is a rather odd question. Not too many people have heard of it. However, it is very common at dealerships in India. The biggest problem with the thought of applying a Teflon coating to your car is the fact that it needs to be heated to very high temperatures in order to be applied.

Supposedly if you have a Teflon coating applied, you don’t need to have the car waxed. Some experts claim that you will be able to tell if Teflon has been applied to your car because water will bead on it afterward. The general consensus seems to be that the question about applying a Teflon coating to your car is little more than a scam. However, it isn’t entirely a scam. The issue is knowing what Teflon can and can’t do.

So what is Teflon?

Teflon is probably best known for its use in cookware. It is a non-stick material that keeps cookware from requiring hard scrubbing to be cleaned. In theory, it sounds like Teflon would be a good thing for cars because it might protect them from water. It might even seem like this will really keep you from having to wax the car. However, a Teflon coating can’t actually be applied in a standard dealership setting because it does require a high temperature for application and often won’t work at normal temperatures of operation.

What people might be talking about when they refer to a Teflon coating for automobiles is a special wax that’s made by DuPont and that carries the Teflon brand name. This is, in fact, doing little more than simply waxing the car, so dealers that say they are applying a “Teflon coating” are typically just waxing it using the special Teflon wax sold by DuPont. Many of them don’t charge extra for it, and for good reason. The bottle of wax doesn’t really cost that much.

To apply your own later of DuPont Teflon wax, follow these steps:

1. Wash the car thoroughly with soap and water.

2. Rinse the car thoroughly and then dry it with clean towels.

3. Wait a while to make sure that the car is completely dry before you even apply the DuPont wax.

4. Shake the Teflon wax thoroughly so that it mixes completely.

5. While holding the bottle a foot or a little less from the surface of your car, spray it slowly onto the vehicle. Don’t touch the car again until you are completely certain that the wax as dried.

6. After it is completely dry, then rub the surface of the car using a circular motion. Reduce streaks by continually turning the towel over so that you can completely remove the wax.

Whenever you are in doubt about claims being made about Teflon products, it is important to ask a certified applier of Teflon and other DuPont products.

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