SUP Boards Surge in Popularity

SUP Boards Stand-up paddling has experienced a surge in popularity in the last few decades in the United States and abroad. Stand-up paddling traces its roots back to Hawaii where it has existed for centuries known traditionally as Hoe he’enalu

Professional surfers such as Rick Thomas and Kai Lenny have done much to promote the sport. Rick almost exclusively brought the sport into the spotlight in California as he gained a following. As celebrities experiment and professional athletes give it a try, SUP is coming out of obscurity and into the eyes of the traditional surfing population.

Stand-up paddle boards are larger than the average surf board. It is because of the SUP board and its size that the sport is so versatile. The boards can be used in almost any open water. They are excellent for both surfing the waves and enjoying calmer waters. In addition to surfing ocean waves, people like to take them on lakes, rivers, and ride them on the wakes behind boats. Races are held around the world each year where competitors will travel long distances on their stand-up paddle boards.

SUP board designs have evolved over the years with the sport. The first boards that were available for consumers weigh close to 120 pounds and were close to 15 feet long. As technologies have become available new boards came out. SUP board dealers today can provide boards anywhere from 9 feet to 15 feet, ranging in price from $600 to $3000 for custom-made SUP boards. Originally made of solid wood, they progressed to a hollow form. Today they are make of fiberglass or epoxy resign surrounding a polystyrene foam core. This allows for the perfect blend of size, shape, and weight. SUP boards in Houston are make with a high standard that meets and exceeds the national expectations.

As SUP receives more attention, the sport is expect to continue to grow. The fan base is project to expand because of the fun and versatile nature of the sport. Both experienced surfers and those new to water sports can enjoy aspects of SUP. With an activity for everyone, SUP will soon find a solid base in the United States.

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