Some of the applications you can choose from for downloading

Internet has given so much stuff that we can access anytime. We can use, watch and share so many things with our friends, family and colleagues. This is all because of internet. We all have access to internet so that we can watch anything, we can share anything and we can save anything that we like.

But there is a big hurdle between downloading something from any social media platform and that is restriction. Usually the social media applications don’t allow you to download all the media files that you want to download. You may download the photographs in some applications but you can’t download the videos. Here comes the role of other applications that can solve your problem. Some of the best applications that can help you out in this problem are:

  • Vidmate: This application is very easy to download and takes very less space of your phone. All types of videos and even movies can be downloaded through this application. Pass code feature is also available to save your content. Different quality of videos is available and it is up to the user which quality he/ she wants to download i.e. 340P, 720P or 1080P. Live TV option is also available. Users can even watch the videos online. You can do vidmate app download install new version is now available on every app provider.
  • TubeMate: This application acquires less memory of phone and let users to download anything they want to download. This application is supported by particular social media applications but it provides a good speed. Multiple files can be downloaded through this application at one point of time and that too from different sources.
  • Multi Clip: The video downloaded from this application gets saved to the application and you can watch it as many times as you want. The trending videos also appear on this application without even opening any other social media application. Also there is a pass code that you can apply on this application so that only you can have access to your saved content.
  • Android Video Downloader: This application does not support all the social media applications but what is good about this application is that the download speed of this application is very good. The interface of this application is simple and easy to understand by anyone. Multiple video download function is also supported in this application. Also you can change video files into audio format within few minutes.
  • Advanced Download Manager: This application has a normal interface with advanced download speed. It claims to be 9 times speedy than other downloading application which is a plus point. Users can also have access to their content as and when they open the application. Also they can share the saved content to their friends and family on any platform.

All the applications have almost similar features but what matters is how many portals they support and how fast they can download this application. These applications have helped a lot of people in entertaining them and saving any useful content of them.

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