Mystical Teachings Of Jesus

Yes, there are Mystical Teachings Of Jesus secrets to the energy and essence of love and rejuvenation. You cannot rejuvenate without loving and being the frequency of love. I would like to explain what a mystical experience is from the perspective of the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke and taught. Mystical is an inner movement. When an experience moves you inside, this movement can be an opening to new energy and consciousness, such as a realization of truth or insight into the mysteries of life. It may be a deep feeling in your soul that penetrates to the depth of your being.

The practice of Sacred Heart Yoga leads one into a mystical experience very easily and naturally. Sacred Heart Yoga works in a very mystical way. The cell of the Christ has been implanted into the human form. It is the spark of life that is within you. As you practice Sacred Heart Yoga, your brain receives the frequencies of spirit which come in the form of truth, love and high frequency energy.

The brain then sends impulses of high vibrations to the body through the central nervous system. Your body will begin to vibrate and even quake from these high vibrations. As the cells receive the impulses of divine thought through energy, light is projected into every cell of the body. The cells multiply themselves in the new frequency and the body regenerates and rejuvenates because there is more life energy in each cell. Each organ of your body is a vibrating and amplifying center of your consciousness and energy. When the organs vibrate and amplify the truth of high frequency, there is a great harmony in the body. You then have more passion to live and accomplish easily.

As this process unfolds, you are bringing forth the Holy Spirit into creative action. The soul and the body become one force, one power. There is wholeness in your being. You then stand more powerful as the ideal human which is a Christ.

The harmony and peace of oneness is felt and you need nothing from outside of you. Love is who you are and you can never be without love again. Love is the greatest gift of all. Love is your natural state of being, and when you love, you are more alive. The reason the body ages is that it shuts down and stops loving. When you love, you regenerate the cells and the result is rejuvenation. Living love is the element of life that is missing in much of our world. The love that radiates in you is the same radiance as found in the central sun.

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