Lock and unlock your phone according to your need

Family Orbit is very much useful app used by people for their family. People who want to control their kids to use mobile all time than they need parental control app. Parents can control over all things which their kids are using phone. Parents are very much happy with this app and can control their kids to join bad company. Everything your kid is doing in their phone than you can also have look on their phone with this app. Parents always have to keep eye on their kids and have to help them in good or bad time. Some time kids start bunking their class and doing bad things in their life. They need guidance at that time which parents can give them. Parents have to give time to their kids when they need you. You can check what your kid wants from you.

Track location:      

You can track location of your kids with tracking app. It helps you to check where your kid is now. Real time map help you to locate your kid. You can also check location when you are unable to contact them. You can check accurate location of your kid and ask what they are doing there. It is important for you to check where your kids are going and what type people they are meeting with. You can also check that which type of friends your kid have with this app. You have to use it so you can get all this information. Many people are taking benefits of it and are glad with it. Features are very useful which you get from app. You can choose app accordingly and also choose on whom you want to use this app. You can use it on your any family member.

Block unwanted or dangerous apps and website:

There are many dangerous apps and websites are available on internet with bad contents. Parents need to control over all these apps and websites. Parents can ensure that which types of apps their kids are using and which websites are opened by them. These all things are very essential for you which you have to check about. Parents always upset for their kids who are using mobile too much., parents can lock and unlock phone of their kids according to need. Humans can lock phone at early night so kids can get comfortable and complete sleep. Parents unlock it when their kids are in school and outside from home regarding work. It helps you to locate your kids. You need to but this software and start taking its benefits. It is compatible with ios and android so you didn’t face any problem.

We have number users who are using our app and spy their kids anytime and also we are joyful with the success of our app. We always get good reviews from people and they are happy with our app. You can visit our website if you want to know something about app: http://www.familyorbit.com

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