How modifikasi motor works and why you need it and your cars and bikes?

There are number of cars running on road which are mostly similar to each other. You need modifikasi motor if you want to improve the performance of your cars and bikes. It is the very important when you loves to drive your vehicle a lot. So here are some modifications available when you are driving cars and bikes. These are the modifications which you can do to them:

  • The electric car differs from the conventional vehicle in one big way – instead of a gasoline engine, the EV rather has a motor that drives the car. The motor determines the acceleration of the car instead of the engine in regular cars.
  • The motor is the single most important part of the electric car as it causes it to move. It is therefore essential that much consideration is accorded this part during the conversion process.
  • The price of the car will be determined by the type of motor you mount on the car. The motor would also determine the extent of modifications that you would have to do.
  • There are principally two main types of motors for the electric car conversion. You have the AC and the DC conversion systems.
  • The Ac conversion is biggest robust will give bigger power for your car. It is suitable for large cars and tricks and it is easier and quicker to recharge and will make ten car travel faster. It is however more expensive.
  • The DC system is cheaper but suits smaller cars. It is easy to mount and will not need any elaborate modifications to your car. The DC system is very slow and also requires hours to get a full charge.
  • The type of motor you chose will depend on many factors. If you have a large car and you go in for a smaller or DC motor, you may find the car stalling. You would not be able to get top speed and you would spend hours charging.

Why the electric cars are best?

Long gone are the days when we thought of electric vehicles as a transport method in the factory, a mini pickup truck or a disability vehicle. Tesla has changed the face of electric cars for good. Making the electric car both fashionable and practical to the consumer. You only need to look as how much money you will be able to save each year if you swap your traditional car for a Tesla. Including the replacing of the battery in your Tesla car every three years. You can still happily expect to cut your car costs by half by swapping over to a Tesla electric car. This is the Car that will give you optimum performance without all the hassles of a traditional petrol engine, and one that will be great for the environment.

Engine Modification:

Before understanding engine modifications, one must understand braking horsepower. Braking horsepower is define as the quantity of a motor’s horsepower without the decline in force cause by the gearbox. Generator, differential, water pump and other supportive parts. In other words, real horsepower that is render to the driving wheels is less than what the vehicle is actually rate for. The differences in horsepower and braking horsepower are crucial for a drifter to understand in order for him or her to accurately modify their car for drifting.

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