Get the answer of Is the iPhone XR waterproof?

Many people have question in their mind that Is the iPhone XR waterproof. iPhone XR is water resistant not waterproof. It means water splash doesn’t harm iPhone XR. But iPhone XR cannot survive much water. The touch and feel of the iPhone XR is very comfortable. The keypad is easy to use. The phone has no connector/port at the bottom. The back of the device has a physical lock, which holds the back cover to the phone. A little above the lock, the right is the grill for the speaker.

The battery lock is at times uncomfortable to open and close, as both the SIM and memory card are below it(this is to prevent them from getting wet). The D-pad and other soft keys are nicely placed. The D-pad controls almost all applications including FM and music player. The volume control for the FM radio is in the keys * and #.

Other features:

Typing messages and dialing numbers on the iPhone XR is a comfortable task. The phone’s body is sturdy and tends to get oily if you hold it in your hands for a long time. The music quality of the phone is decent. The FM receiver works perfectly fine but as pointed out earlier, it takes time to adjust the control settings. The microphone is place at the bottom back so users need to hold the phone in a way that their voice reaches it properly. Overall the device gives a decent performance with its dust and water resistance feature. Not even a single drop can seep in through its tightly built body. The phone’s battery also lasts upto 3.5 hours as quoted by the company.

Best water resistant mobile:

How often do you get a mobile telephone that can resist the elements? Not too often I guess. Of what use is spending hundreds of dollars on a smartphone only to have it destroyed by water. Yes a lot of these smartphones come with enviable qualities, that could make us forego the need fora smartphone that could be resistant to the elements, and until recently, there hasn’t been much of an option in regards to getting this extra value out of our high priced mobile devices.

Best quality of phone:

Now you can spend that much on all the qualities you desire in a smartphone and not bother about its accidental contact with water or dust. There are some other smartphone with water resistant capabilities, but, iPhone XR boasts of having ‘the highest water resistance in a smartphone’ with a water resistance rating of IP6/7 and dust resistance rating IP67. The phone can go one meter into water and at no risk at all and can inside the water for 30 minutes, although if in the process the speakers get wet. Then its sound output is reduce till the speakers are dry before it plays at the normal sound volume. This and all the other exciting features that come with the device, make iPhone XR a smartphone that is suitable for you.

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