Get a Cattle Prod to get its benefits

So you’d like to change your life forever? But don’t know how a Cattle Prod could help? Or even what a cattle prod is? Rest assured, it’s not usual treatment prescribed for human transformations.

It’s actually a short length of steel with an electric charge running through it. When applied to the rumps of cattle it persuades them to do things they previously had no intention of doing. Not nice but very effective. And that, after all, is the result most life-changers are seeking. The reality in the world today is that there are many people hoping to transform their lives. Most people in the Western world are overweight, and the zap required to change it seems to be missing. Every year we just get fatter, and more indolent. Some get obsessed with dieting and losing weight, but others don’t seem to care. And neither will achieve what they want.

Will love it:

That’s right, they’ll fail. Whether they try or not because they don’t really know what they want. They have either unrealistic expectations, or they have none. And they’ll doom themselves to a life devoid of the good, the fun and the joy that vitality can bring. Vitality comes from simple things – things like dropping the spare tire from your waist and flab from other parts. The plain fact is that ridding yourself of even a few pounds can add enjoyable years to your life. The facts are clear: excess weight reduces stamina, it stresses joints, and it causes illnesses from heart disease to diabetes. And people who decide to start each day with the intention of eating better. And also exercising better is beginning to find life becoming much easier than they ever expected.

These five steps are simple changes, but they can add up to a virtual cattle prod with the power to change your life:

  1. Start your day with a lovely big glass of cold water. It gets your systems into motion, reduces hunger and is a surprisingly good way to start the day.
  2. Within an hour of getting out of bed, eat your breakfast. It’s most important meal of day and mere fact that you eat it before you get about doing two things. Your body will start to function properly, and you won’t be tempte to ‘catch up’ on food.
  3. Fruit is an excellent source of nutrition, so during the day, eat at least two servings of fresh fruit. (A serving is the equivalent of an apple.) If you vary the fruits you eat you will get a good mix of nutrients and fiber.
  4. Try to eat a salad every day, and try for at least five servings of vegetables.
  5. Now, fried and sweet foods. These are real traps. You can never really drain all the oil away from fried food, so if you eat it you can be sure you’re adding fat and calories. And sweets also add calories – plus a few other nasties. Cut them out wherever you can.

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