Five Best Gantt Chart Software For Project Management In 2019

Project Management Technology might be changing at the speed of light, but there are few things that remain untouched against all odds. Gantt Charts are among those few, proposed and inadvertently named by Henry Gantt. These are bar charts in a simple and user-friendly format,used to illustrate even the most complex project. And while they’ve been around since the early 1900’s, Gantt Chartshave evolved with modern technology and scope of project planning.

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and organisations of all shapes and size leverage the charts for project planning and production. Let’s have a look at this year’s bestGantt Chartsoftware for you to pick and lead your organization to a new level of success.

  1. com

Been around since 2008, has transformed the industry for the better just within a year of post-launch. Most prominent users or customers of the software are NASA and the United Nations with over 20,000 managers being loyal users. This software is powerful, intuitive, and exceptional for project managers without significant experience, allowing users to easily work around the drag-and-drop interface for tasks, dates, deadlines and dependencies.

  1. ProofHub

ProofHub is specifically built around managers, teams, and clients’ unique project requirement, consolidating multiple functions into a centralized management platform. From online chat systems and custom role definitions to file versioning and interactive calendars, the features of this  Gantt Chart software for project planning are unlimited. Timeline view is a specific function which helpsusers in visualising, planning, and scheduling tasks whereas real-time percentage trackers define current project status in achieving the goal.

  1. Workzone

Yet another respected name is of Workzone. This platform stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly interface which clearly illustrates every task/project. Users can also create custom templates to save time and manage sophisticated project requisites. The tool also let members to export Gantt Chartdata into PDF or Excel files.

  1. Smartsheet

For small-scale start-upsstruggling to compete equally against their bigger counterparts, Smartsheet is one of the best and most accessible project management tool in the list. For cross-department collaboration such as sales, IT operations, marketing, software development and human resourceetc, this is one of the most preferred and efficient project management software.

  1. PlanStreet

Taking project management beyond the usual, PlanStreet is a fine addition to the list of Gantt chart software for project planning, execution and helping teams with  workload management, time and expense tracking.. The platform also integrates seamlessly with your existing software solution to boost performance.With so many interactive project management software to choose from, PlanStreet stands out for project planning, tracking and team workload management at a competitive price.

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