Buy Stripe Accounts – Looking Good in Stripes

This year has seen the emphatic return of Buy Stripe Accounts; everyone is wearing them, from Liz Hurley to Sophie Ellis Bextor. However, when wearing stripes, so many conundrums arise. What sort of stripes are you most suited to? Do you wear thin or chunky ones? Horizontal or vertical? Light or dark stripes? There are so many factors to consider, luckily here at Yogoego we have come up with some great tips that will make your decision so much easier.

When wearing stripes remember not to overdo it. By this we mean – don’t try to look too stripy! For the best look, wear stripes with only one print and match with something in a solid colour. So if you’re wearing a vertically striped T-shirt, combine this with some white skinny jeans or black leggings. You can also add a blazer to this outfit to subtly bring out the stripes on the T-Shirt, and give you a highly polished finish. This way your striped T-Shirt will casually fit in with the rest of your outfit and there will be no disastrous clash!

When choosing what type of stripes to wear, consider the occasion. If you’re looking for some office wear, a vertically striped dark blouse can look amazing. Giving you that stylish office appearance. If you are having a night out on the town, chunky stripes can be great- they can give you that 80’s or retro punk look, offering you individuality and a funky edge. Bear in mind that different stripes suit different occasions, so you must tailor your striped outfit accordingly; otherwise it could look out of place.

A tricky decision is always whether to go for horizontal or vertical stripes. Be careful when making this choice. Vertical stripes can make you appear taller, and a vertically striped dark dress can put a few inches on your height, if this is what you are aspiring for. Great caution must be taken when wearing horizontal stripes. They give the visual effect of widening your shape, especially dresses. Curvier women should be aware of this when choosing to wear horizontal stripes. However, if you have a slightly boyish figure and want to look curvier. Wearing horizontal stripes is a fantastic way to bring out those curves. The important point to remember when wearing horizontal or vertical stripes. Is to ensure that your outfit matches your body shape and brings out the best use of your natural physique.

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