Building Home Light Capturing Ribbon

Solar energy produces electricity by converting sunlight into energy using photovoltaic cells. Since 2002, solar energy has been increasingly used at a rate of 48% each year making it one of the fastest growing energy sources to date. With the ever-increasing knowledge and study of this source of energy the materials used to produce solar cell arrays has also become easier to come by for home energy use. Light Capturing Ribbon heating, solar electric. And solar hot water are the most common ways this power source is being utilize today. Many home owners are interest in having a green home since an energy efficient. Home is not only environmentally friendly but the potential savings are substantial.

Building home solar panels is actually not as difficult as one would think, provided you have the materials needed. One such material that is probably the biggest stumbling block. When it comes to building your own solar panels is the solar cells themselves. Its not the sources of the panels you need to worry about. It’s the pricing and the quality that you must be sure of before deciding to buy. The best source for finding solar cells is eBay but you must be aware of who you are buying from. New cells are available but you will pay dearly to get them.

Therefore, the best option for getting your hands on suitable solar cells is to buy a set of broken or chipped cells that come bundled together. Buying broken cells may not sound like much fun but as long as you thoroughly research the seller. As best you can you should be able to get a good idea of the quality you can expect when buying solar cells. The most commonly use cells are 3×6 mono-crystalline; make sure the panels you buy are tab cells. The cells will more then likely come to you covered in wax, they are dip in wax in an effort to better secure them. For shipment since the cells themselves are very fragile and thin.

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