Boy Shorts Underwear For Women

Boy Shorts Underwear For Women is a misnomer for one of the best types of panties woman can wear. They’re comfortable, stylish and they come in enough different styles to please not only a woman’s taste in underwear but also her feeling of comfort for when she wears them.

But what really makes a boy short? It’s funny name comes from the fact that these panties look a lot like the old-fashioned men’s swimming wear. Men don’t wear those too much now (unless you’re a body builder), but the style is nonetheless comfortable to wear. Generally, a boy short stands in contrast to a brief panty. Instead of the thin straps around the hips, these shorts have a layer of fabric that connects the front of the undergarment to the back.

Usually, boy shorts have a high waist and low back end (though this can vary). This adds a slimming affect to the front of the body as well as to the back. The fabric just kind of holds the entire hip region into one shape, so that their aren’t points where your skin just out because of a tight elastic line.

This also means that depending upon the type of fabric and elastic used. Women can avoid the dreaded VPL – visible panty line. When combined with the body toning effects of the rest of the panty. Boy shorts become some of the best underwear to wear on a regular basis.

But it’s not all just about wearing underwear that shapes your body. These underwear are also great at showing off your body as well. Whether for yourself or for someone special. They come in a massive variety of styles and materials to fit with your (or your partner’s) taste. Lace, satin, elastic, leather and almost any type of fabric can be found. And they don’t have to be about squeezing the body in, these underwear are great at showing off the body by leaving a little more to the imagination than a thong or tiny panty.

Though it is less sexy, many women also prefer these models for exercise as well. They are less likely to ride up while working out. Which leads to a much more comfortable experience, and maybe a few less tugs to your pants to get comfortable.

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