Azulejos – Tips For Choosing the Right Tile and Grout

When it comes to flooring few things match the beauty, durability and cleanliness of tile especially in warm climates like Texas from Azulejos. Unfortunately, tile floors aren’t perfect; they tend to build up dirt and stains particularly in the grout areas. Fortunately, it is easy to find qualified tile and grout cleaning services that can quickly and conveniently keep your tile floors looking great. Combined with a few tips on selecting the right tile and grout it is simpler than ever to have low maintenance floors that require minimal upkeep.

1. Type of Grout. Grout has changed over the years so if your home used the older style then it might be a good idea to consider upgrading to new forms of stain resistant grout. Today grout comes in two main types; sanded and unsanded. Sanded grout is typically used for ceramic tile floors and is rougher in nature. Unsanded grout is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms with a finer consistency.

2. Color of Grout. Thankfully the days of white grout are over; today grout comes in a wide variety of color choices ranging from black to white with nearly every shade of the rainbow in between. Small rooms often benefit from a grout color that closely matches the tile for a uniform appearance while larger rooms may deliberately use highly contrasting grout colors to create an obvious pattern.

3. Grout Haze. Grout haze is particularly common among newly install ceramic or porcelain tile floors as well as those that have been re-grout. Haze is simply a residue left on the surface of the tile that leaves it looking milky or dull.

4. Grout Sealant. In the past it was relatively rare to encounter grout sealant so cleaning the grout. Became a major on-going chore but today, grout sealant is a standard option. The sealant provides a barrier between the dirt and the absorbent grout. Reducing the dirt, grime and stains able to form. Sealant must be periodic re-apply every few years. Always make sure the tile and grout is as clean as possible prior to sealing. Or re-sealing; otherwise you are “locking in” the dirt!

5. Tile Sealant. Typically glazed tiles do not need to sealed while flat or highly absorbent tiles like slate may require several coats of tile sealant. If your tiles have never been seal then contact a professional Fort Worth tile. And grout cleaning company like Kiwi Services to have the floors professional serviced. And sealed to keep your floors looking great year round with minimal upkeep.

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