Advantages and Disadvantages of an Android Spy Software on your Employees

Being the boss has never been a piece of cake, especially when it comes to employee management Android Spy Software. There is some employee spy software you can install to keep an eye on your employees to maximize productivity, work efficiency and maintain a hospitable environment in your office. The confidential documents and private data mostly exist in the devices of any business organizations. Over the years number cases have been reported where employee has vanished or steal the data from the company’s owned machines. Resultantly, the boss is the one that have to bear loos and they have to keep an eye on their company’s owned devices. According to the law in most of the states, employers can track their machines assigned to the employees within the working hours. But for all the pros you’re installing it for, there comes the cons too. 

  • Pros
  1. Saves Time

Usually most employees are observed to waste a lot of time during the work hours through chatting/texting and also online, watching videos or posts via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc. It is estimated that an employee spends up to 2 hours on such unproductive activities that result in lack of work efficiency during the prescribed working hours. This can be prevented if the employees are under supervision. They’ll know they’re being observed which will make them waste less time and work more as there’s no employee who wouldn’t want to be their boss’s favorite.

  1. Problem Identification

Where there are people with different point of views, conflicts do occur. Some people are mature enough to swallow the fact that people can contradict to what their thought of mind is but some will totally not. Employees who aren’t even involved in the problem may also be affected by such an environment resulting in low work efficiency. So by having an eye on them you can notify each and every conflict that has occurred at the workplace and even those that are being sown and would grow soon. This will help you make the office environment more productive for the workers.

  1. 3. Productivity Check

If there is sudden decrease in work productivity you can assess where the root of the problem lies and when and why was the problem initiated by the behavioral patterns of the employees and then come up with a fool-proof solution for it.


  • Cons
  1. Privacy Invasion

Such Android Spy Software can be a threat to a common man’s privacy. Even though he/she is an employee but what’s on their phones can be very personal, including personal information such as credit card details, passwords and messages they don’t want anyone else to read. The employee must enjoy their personal space as they are hired not sold!

  1. Deprivation of Trust

The moment the employee is acknowledged that their employer is spying on them, they will lose all trust for him/her. The ones giving their hundred percent will too be outraged by knowing that their efforts aren’t given importance in this way. The employees will be forced to act in a certain way knowing they’re being spied resulting in continuous discomfort for them.

If dealt with the right way, Android Spy Software can be beneficial. You can install them on the company’s phones so that even the employees are aware that the company is only interested in their work and do not intend to nose into their personal space. 

  1. Fear Factor 

Obviously, it would be a fear factor among the employees of your business organization. They will have a threat or fear in their subconscious while they are working on machines or gadgets that the boss has kept an eye on them. They will not be able to perform freely and with all of their energy. It is common when someone is keeping an eye on you become nervous and never performed freely. Therefore, employers have to keep in mind it is one of the biggest dilemmas of using the employee monitoring Android Spy Software on your employee’s devices. It will really discourage your employees and they will not be able to produce the amount and quality of the work that you are looking for. 


The android spy app is the best and reliable tool to spy on your employees. It would be more effective for the employers if they take employees consent to monitor the activities.

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