Stop Being a Victim of the درب اتوماتیک ریولوینگ

In the 80’s, a revolving door could mean many things. For Superman, it was a place for transformation. He could go from Clark Kent to Superman with a few whirls of the درب اتوماتیک ریولوینگ. For others, it was a place of embarrassment, as it became an overused joke in National Lampoon movies when Clark Griswald would get stuck doing a few whirls through the revolving door.

If you look back at your career with real estate agencies, has it been a revolving door? Has that revolving door been an area of great transformation, like Clark Kent, or an area of embarrassment, like Clark Griswald.

Every time you enter a new agency, you are excited about the possibilities. You are excited about the company culture and think, “Finally, this is the place.” However, months or even weeks later, you are looking for that exit door. You are not alone, and many agencies have called this the agency revolving door.

However, the problem is not with the agency. You enter the company being enamore with their brand. But really, you need to be worried about your brand and how to make them enamored with you. Use that revolving door like Clark Kent and transform yourself to a super real estate agent.

Rather than take you through an MBA short course on how to create a great personal brand, here is an example of a personal brand for an agent that ran with the super real estate agent theme.

Their business logo looked like the Superman S. The client newsletter was themed to look like the Daily Planet newsletter from Superman.

The agent always kept these green candies that looked like Kryptonite at her desk and little Kryptonite candies for the clients’ children.

Her ringtone on her phone was the Superman theme song.

When she sent out postcards to neighbors of a recently sold house. The headline of the postcard would say “Another daring rescue!”

The colors of her business and her business wardrobe subtly reflected the superhero theme without it looking like she is the hired entertainment for an eight year old’s birthday party.

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