Morocco Luxury Tour – A Step Back in Time

Morocco Luxury Tour: Morocco lies at the northwest corner of Africa, just across the Rock of Gibraltar from Spain. That close connection to Europe has served Morocco in many different capacities – for example, as an escape route of Jews, Muslims and other persecuted peoples, during the Inquisition. And currently, a point of departure for millions of Moroccan migrant workers who spend several months a year making a living in Europe.

What’s so beautiful about Morocco is that the culture from medieval times is still intact. For instance, the city of Fez is about 1,220 years old, and houses the world’s oldest functioning university. It also has the world’s largest car-free area (because the streets were built for donkeys, and are too small for cars!). In all the imperial cities, you find donkey-carts, horses and buggies, and occasionally a camel as well!

Men mostly dress in the traditional Arab “djellaba” which is a kind of coat that goes over regular clothes. Many women wear a similar garment called a “kaftan”.

Except in the High Atlas Mountains, it seldom goes below freezing. And so if you experience the winter in Marrakesh, you will see orange trees in full fruit, and ancient palm trees, while in the background the High Atlas Mountains are covered in snow against a cobalt blue sky. It is stunningly beautiful! 

 A trip to the Sahara Desert should be on everyone’s agenda, as the camel ride into the dunes at sunset is truly unforgettable, something you will re-live throughout your entire life. I never met a camel I didn’t like!

Perhaps you’ve never tasted Moroccan food? Such as tagine, bastilla or couscous? Along with a wide range of breads, olives and fruits, I find this cuisine to be fresh and delicious…. they really know how to make a satisfying meal. I think I gained about 5 pounds on our 2-week trip! And of course, delicious mint tea!

I have to recommend one hotel in particular, just outside of Marrakesh. It’s called Kasbah Omar and it was SOOOO beautiful, and soooooo peaceful! It’s nestled up on a mountain, in the middle of a Berber village, so you’re really inside the culture…. and I found the Berbers to be very fun-loving, all smiles, and wanting to learn English. The rooms were just splendid, and the staff seemed to be waiting for us to ask for another orange juice, or wine, or whatever it was we needed! And what a VIEW!  Wow! Also, we took a traditional Moroccan bath while there – it’s called a hammam – and it was just lovely.

One thing I realized, a little too late, was that if I wanted to bring a little gift for the kids, a bunch of toothbrushes would have been the perfect thing. Next time! 

It’s impossible to pick a favorite thing about Morocco – the endlessly flowing wine, the delectable food, the beautiful accommodations, the heartwarming people, the delicious tea, the sssssnake charmers in Marrakesh – and so I won’t! 

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