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This Dahua Dubai CCTV Buyers Guide provides a comprehensive overview of deploying a successful video surveillance camera system. It is very much useful in your business or residence. It is the best decisions that will save you time and money. The information was derived from deploying 100’s of CCTV systems and gathered from CCTV call centers who answer questions from commercial and residential customers.  There are many details to consider when specifying the correct Dahua CCTV Dubai Camera System. Professional Video Surveillance is not a cheap endeavor and a budget should be outlined in Dahua UAE. The best possible system should be considered. It is important to note each camera location and select the camera best suited for that location.

Answer these questions:

  • Indoor or Outdoor?
  • Lighting conditions (during day and night)?
  • Mounting locations?

Indoor Dome Camera:

The indoor dome camera is use in 90% of general indoor applications. It can be mounted on a horizontal or vertical surface but is typically ceiling mounted. It is helpful for businesses to check all the activities of office or shops. So it is very much effective in avoiding crime. In offices employees activities can also be check.

Box camera:

The box camera uses a separate lens that screws on to the front surface. It provides flexibility for different FoV requirements and is sold without a lens. An auto-iris lens will have a small cable that connects to the camera for iris control in various lighting conditions.

Outdoor Dome Cameras:

Outdoor cameras are mainly for parking and outside of home to keep their vehicle safe. It helps to keep your vehicle secure from thieves and you can also check outside activities which looks strange. It is easy to check if you find any suspect there.

Day/Night Camera:

The Day/Night camera is the best choice for low-light conditions. It helps to make everything visible whether there is low light. So it is also in very much demand because of its uses. You can easily see people and helps to avoid crime.

Infrared Camera:

During No-Light conditions, Infrared cameras provide infrared illumination of the FoF allowing monitoring of areas with no light available. If there is not light then don’t worry because these cameras can also see in dark. Infra red light is built-in and helps to see in dark easily. It is also in very much use among people.

PTZ Camera:

PTZ cameras also include standard color, Day/Night modes, and a few IR PTZ cameras have been introduced recently. Options include Auto-tracking applications that dynamically track objects in defined areas.

About the Camera technology:

Camera is the best technology ever make. It is prove very much helpful in reducing crime. With the help of different cameras it is easy to identify the thieves. So it is the valuable technology nowadays.

Camera Location:

Cameras should mounted as close possible to the field of view required, and the closer the camera to the subject the better the identification of the subject will be. Proper lens selection relative to the camera location and the FoV required is essential to a quality picture.

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