کرکره مغازه: A Step Towards Safeguarding Your Business

کرکره مغازه are the new buzz among local businesses and industries due to their high-speed operation and smooth functioning. Most businesses today, with valuable assets are moving to high speed shop fronts/shutters. Bereft of manual gear mechanisms, these shutters are almost impossible to break into. As with most other types of shutters, the high speed roller shutters are available in all sizes and a plethora of finishes, thanks to affordable shutter technology being readily available.

Why use high speed Shop Fronts/Shutters?

Businesses and factories need fronts which can be frequently opened and closed without much effort and with speed. The best use case is warehouses where goods are delivered and picked up many times each day regularly. In view of such frequent use, high speed roller shop fronts can account for security, efficiency, ease of use and speed. Slow, rusty shutters will affect any work environment, be it commercial or industrial. In places where each second counts, high speed roller shutters are a must.

The workflow of a factory is its lifeblood. The speed roller shop shutters make sure that this workflow does not get interrupt. This is something that every factory manager will agree too.

Technical Specifications

These shop shutters are the best option to your security needs. Hardened and efficient, these shop fronts allow you to open or close your premises within seconds. Standard closing speed of these shutters is 1000mm per second, which makes them helpful for a number of secondary factors such as reducing noise pollution in your area caused by machines in your premises and keeping factory temperatures steady because of quick opening and closing.


These shop fronts are best use in a number of scenarios ranging from high-value showrooms to factory premises. Some typical use cases involve food processing industries, chemical factories and pharmaceutical industries storing high-value goods.

These shutters allow for better goods handling, faster access or denial of entry, quick shutter speeds, efficient and comfort of use. Unlike standard shutters, these require less maintenance and save power costs tremendously.

If you’re a business looking to buy new shutters or replacing old ones, high speed power shutters is the way to go, to protect your goods and the convenience of your staff.

But purchasing shutters is not an easy task either. There are quite a few companies in the market that sell inferior quality shop shutters and must avoided at all costs because such products lead to higher maintenance cost and therefore, loss to your business operations.

While choosing a company to purchase high speed roller shutters from, take care of the following tips and you’re good to go.

Product Demo

Is the company providing a product demo? If yes, you must inspect the functioning of the shutters on demo. Also keep an eye out for indicators that tell you how old the shutters on display are. If you see a well-maintained shutter which is old enough, yet functions well, that means that the product they offer must be at par too.


Find out where their shutters are instalL and go talk to their previous clients. If you get good feedback, then it is a positive sign and you may move ahead with the purchase.


Enquire about the charges for maintenance including time estimates and hard limits. You must be careful to choose a company that costs you less in the long run, instead of looking at just the upfront costs.

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